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Overdrive Crate (Xbox)

New product


What Can Be Found Inside!

Sub-Zero (Black Market Goal Explosion)

Fireworks (Black Market Goal Explosion)

Electroshock (Black Market Goal Explosion)

Turbine (Exotic Wheels)

FGSP (Exotic Wheels)

Animus GP (Import Body)

Centio v17 (Import Body)

Magic Missile (Import Rocket Boost)

SLK (Very Rare Decal)

Friction (Very Rare Rocket Trail)

Blazer (Very Rare Rocket Trail)

Lightspeed (Very Rare Rocket Trail)

Glossy Block (Rare Paint)

Octane: Lone Wolf

Endo: Spatter (Rare Decal)

Octane ZSR: Funnybook (Rare Decal)

Circuit Board (Rare Paint)

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