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Secure Payment Options

Payment is the final step of the purchasing process. It should never be an obstacle. Our store pays special attention to this point as making payment in a secured environment is a primary concern of individuals. With e-commerce growth, and more recently the m-commerce evolution, it is essential to choose a payment solution optimized to Smartphone’s and tablets. It is equally important to choose the solution which offers a specific selection of credit cards that are most popular in the merchants target markets. As such we offer the following means of purchases. It should be noted that your details are not shared with us at any stage of the process

  • Debit / Credit Cards

  • Paypal

Verifiying the Payment

In some cases we need to verify the legitimacy of the payment, otherwise we will not approve and deliver your purchase. This is to protect both parties from fraudulent activity. We may need to verify that the payment is authorized by the owner of the credit card/debit card/payment cards in the following circumstances:

1. Buyers aged under 18 years old who pay with their parents's payment cards without the permission.

2. Unusual Purchase pattern from you. (large amount / high frequency of purchase)

3. Problems with buyers from similar areas

We may ask for you to verify your phone number, or we may ask for a form of billpayers id. Whatever the case, if you do not feel comfortable providing this information we will happily refund your order, but will not allow future purchases from you without this information